Want To Estimate The Price Of Your House? Here Are 3 Things You Need To Know!

Buying a house can be a life-changing experience. It is the house you will live in for years to come, and buying a house presents many choices. One of those choices revolves around choosing a selling price for your house. Will it be higher or lower than the house is valued at? Many factors will influence your house’s value, so you must consider all of them before deciding on a selling price.

3 Factors That Can Change The Estimation Of The Price Of Your Home


Unrealistic Upgrades


When evaluating house prices, don’t forget to factor in house repairs and updates if they are needed. A house that needs expensive upgrades will sell for less than a house with the same amenities as it, but with as-is updates. For example, if your house does not have built-in speakers and you want to put them in, that’s an upgrade that will increase the house value by about $1,000.

Always Research Commissions


Another factor to remember when estimating house pricing is house commissions. Commissions are the fees that agents take from house sales, and they range between six to eight percent of house selling prices. One of your final house cost factors to consider before estimating house costs in house commissions.

It’s always best to sell directly to a home buying company that can give you a fair home cash offer, so you don’t have to pay any middlemen or real estate agent fees.

Have Your House Marketed Properly


House marketing can influence house pricing as well. If you have your house marketed well, then house shoppers can learn about any updates your house needs or what you have done to increase the house value. That will attract house buyers that are looking for houses with those specific price points.

When making estimations for house prices, consider all factors carefully. Those who don’t might sell their homes for less than they should, or they might list their house for more than it should be.

Let The Expert Value Your Home Before You Sell It


At Home Buyers OKC we want to make sure you have a fair cash offer so you can sell your house fast in Edmond, OK. That’s why we offer free visits to assess the value of your home and make you an offer.

If you would like to receive a cash offer for your property, or you just want to know its estimated value, contact us today to schedule a visit with one of our experts to provide an accurate estimation.