Don’t Fall Victim to Re-Trading: Why Local Investors are Usually Your Safest Bet

In the competitive real estate market here in Oklahoma especially in the metro areas and surrounding, making informed decisions is crucial. While the prospect of selling your property quickly might be the answer to your current situation or circumstance, working with a non-local buyer can introduce many risks that might not be immediately apparent. Let’s delve into why choosing a local real estate investor or buyer is not just a preference but a necessity for safeguarding your interests.

The Dangers of Non-Local Buyers
1. Risk of Re-trading: One common tactic among some out-of-state buyers is “re-trading.” This occurs when a buyer initially agrees to a price, but then, weeks into the contract, pressures the seller to accept a lower price. The justification often cited ranges from unexpected repair costs to sudden changes in market evaluation, leaving sellers with less bargaining power as they approach the closing date.

2. Last-Minute Contract Cancellations: Out-of-state buyers are notoriously known for their higher likelihood of canceling contracts just days before the supposed closing. This not only disrupts your financial plans but also leaves you back at square one, often with less time to secure another buyer.

3. Red Flags to Watch Out For:
–Lack of Property Viewing: Be wary of buyers who do not wish to view the property personally and request only a few photos. This often indicates a lack of commitment and seriousness about the transaction.
Pushy Behavior: A buyer who urges you to sign the contract hastily or sets very tight deadlines for your decision should raise alarms. High-pressure tactics are a strategy to push you into a decision without proper deliberation.

–Suspicious Price Jumps: If a buyer suddenly increases their offer significantly without having viewed the property, especially upon hearing of other potential buyers, it’s a potential indicator that they might lower the price later under the guise of various excuses once under contract.
Protecting Yourself When Selling Your Property
To safeguard against these risks, there are several proactive steps you can take:

–Verify the Buyer’s Credentials: Ask if the buyer is licensed and request recent referrals who can vouch for their credibility and reliability.
Proof of Funds: Request a proof of funds or a pre-approval letter to ensure the buyer has the financial backing to follow through on their offer.
Title Company Verification: Ask for the contact information of the title company the buyer plans to use, and don’t hesitate to contact them to verify the buyer’s history and legitimacy.

The Local Advantage
Working with a local buyer like House Buyers OKC not only minimizes these risks but also offers several advantages. Local investors are familiar with the Oklahoma City market and are committed to maintaining their reputation within the community. They understand the nuances of the local market conditions and can offer fair prices that reflect the true value of your property. Moreover, local buyers are accessible for in-person meetings, which enhances transparency and trust.

Selling your home is a significant decision, and whom you choose to work with can greatly impact the outcome of your sale. Local real estate investors have a vested interest in the wellbeing of the community and its residents. They are more likely to engage in fair, transparent, and mutually beneficial transactions. For any inquiries or further guidance on navigating the real estate market in Oklahoma City, feel free to contact Michael at House Buyers OKC. We are here to help you ensure that your real estate decisions are secure and beneficial.

Choosing the right buyer is about ensuring security and peace of mind. Partnering with a knowledgeable, local professional like House Buyers OKC can make all the difference in your real estate journey.