3 Ways to Deal with A Frustrating Tenant


On top of dealing with all the licenses, contracts, and other responsibilities of owning a rental property, a frustrating tenant can make things much worse. If your vetting strategy failed you and you have an obnoxious renter, you need this guide to learn 3 ways to deal with them.

We advise frustrated renters to sell your house with tenants if it comes to that but try to use these options first. They may be annoying, but they’re still a person who deserves a chance to make good on their lease.

   1. Conversation

Talking with a frustrating tenant may solve your issues or it may not. But by communicating with them, they feel heard and you may be able to figure out why they’ve been frustrating to have around.

Communication is the foundation of all relationships and it’s no different in the relationship between a renter and a tenant. If you can reach a compromise over the issue they’re having and you don’t have to take more drastic measures, you should at least try.

   2. Eviction

Eviction is a big step, but it can be necessary with a particularly bad tenant. You shouldn’t rush the eviction option, but sometimes there’s nothing else you can do.

You need a reason to evict a frustrating tenant other than being frustrating. They have to be violating a rule in their contract or doing something illegal on your property. The process can be difficult, which is why trying to find a more peaceful solution is preferable.

   3. Sell your property

One way to deal with a frustrating tenant is to sell your house with tenants still living there. Many property owners don’t realize they can do this, but they can. The tenants remain after the sale. There are a few things you need to know to effectively sell your house with tenants in it, and they may be harder if the tenant is frustrating. Do your best to follow these recommendations:

Cooperate with your tenant

Showing times will intrude on your tenant’s schedule if you don’t plan accordingly. You need to let your real estate agent know if your tenant’s schedule interferes with theirs. Remember that the lease they signed dictates how much notice you need to give them to do this.

It’s awkward to have a tenant present during a showing, so just make sure they’re not there when you schedule them.

Make your tenant’s job easy

If you have a frustrating tenant and are trying to sell the house, make their job easier. Help them find a new place to live if they want to move out rather than stick around during the sale.

Be firm with your tenant

Even though you want to make compromises and be nice, in order to sell your house with tenants, you may need to be firm as well. If they’re behind on the rent, you need to collect it or take legal action to do so. If you want to make things easier, you might waive the charges in exchange for them moving out, so you don’t have to worry about legal notices and evictions.

The Takeaway

If you want to sell your house with tenants, follow these tips. Be open to communication and compromise but also be firm about your needs. Talk to your agent and your tenant about what needs to be done so you can sell the house. Contact House Buyers OKC to see your options.