Are You Moving? Here Are 6 Tips To Making Packing Easier

Moving across town can be difficult, moving to another city can be even more challenging. If you’re planning on moving from one place to another, don’t worry – we’re here to help. Here are a few packing tips to have an easy moving experience.

5 Tips For Successful Packing


  1. Start Packing Early

A little preparation goes a long way with packing. If possible, start packing for your move as soon as you know it’s coming up. That way, the process doesn’t seem as overwhelming, and you won’t rush through packing at the last minute.

  1. Sort Things Into Boxes/Suitcases

Grouping your things together makes packing a lot easier, especially if you have many items to put away. We recommend packing items that go together in the same box or bag. For example, place kitchen supplies in one box and all your living room items in another. This way, packing up your home becomes more organized and efficient.

  1. Label each box

Be as specific as possible when labeling boxes. In addition to identifying the type of items inside the boxes (kitchen, living room, etc.), also indicate which room those items will go to once you arrive at your new home. For example, when packing up your bathroom items in a box, be sure to label them “bathroom” or “master bedroom.”

  1. Pack Like With Like

The first packing tip we have for you is to “pack like with like.” If you can, pack all of your clothes together – shirts with shirts, pants with pants, and so on – and then organize these groups by room (i.e., bedroom or closet). You should also separate items in your packing boxes from items you will unpack in the first few days after the move.

  1. Fill Empty Spaces With Packing Peanuts Or Paper

If you run out of packing space, fill empty spaces with packing peanuts or paper, but be careful not to overload your boxes. Overloaded packing boxes can cause problems when they’re moved, including packing boxes that are ripped or crushed.

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