What Costs Come with Selling a House Traditionally in Oklahoma: How Much You Will Pay for Selling a House in Oklahoma

There is a shortage of homes in the U.S. which gives sellers an advantage in the housing market. However, many sellers realize this can cost thousands of dollars. 

How Much Does Selling a House Cost?

Real estate fees can take up about 10% of the home’s sale price. There are some fees that can be negotiated and can fluctuate based on the real estate market. Sellers should be prepared to foot part if not all of the bill for several costs that come with selling a home. 

Realtor’s Commission Fees

This is probably the biggest fee you will have to pay when it comes to selling a home. This can run you 5-6% of the sale price of the house. If your home sells for $250,000, the commission you will end up paying is about $15,000. Commissions are split between real estate agents and the buyer’s agent. In most cases, the seller will have to pay this. 

This fee can be avoided by working with [Company] to sell your home. The middle-man is eliminated. There are no closing costs, and in fact, you get to pick the closing date for your home!

Home Repairs

If you are interested in selling your home, there might be things you want to fix to get more money by listing the home. You can do things such as new flooring, new light fixtures, new sinks, and hardware, and even opening up some space. Sometimes these repairs can help raise the value of the home. 

Also, if there are problems such as roof problems found these will need to be repaired before the house can be sold. You can sell your home to [Company] and have less stress worrying about these small fixes and repairs. 

Pre-Sale Home Inspection

This is something that is totally optional. It might run you about $400. So why pay for this? Some sellers make investments such as this to find out about structural and other damage so they can inform buyers when they come in. Some buyers appreciate this rather than finding out about it once they move in. 

Home Staging

Some buyers like to know what a home will look like once they move in. If you’re selling, staging might just be something to consider. You might also want to pay to update the paint and make other cosmetic repairs. You should also improve curb appeal with a new set of fresh flowers and plants. 

Twenty-eight percent of real estate agents stated they staged all the homes they listed. They spent an average of $400 according to reports in 2019, and this helped them sell more homes as opposed to homes that weren’t staged.

These are just some of the fees and costs you will incur when it comes to selling your home with an agent. You can avoid a lot of these costs by working with [Company]. They will buy your home regardless of the repairs it needs and you can pocket more money this way than with an agent.