What to do if your house has been on the market for over 100 days in Oklahoma

If your house has been on the market for a long time, that’s usually when the real estate vultures begin to show their true colors. If your listing has been languishing on the MLS for over three months, typically agents will start to advise that their clients reduce their asking price, or even consider re-listing so their house doesn’t appear like it’s sitting on the market for too long. For those of you keeping track, that’s two separate occasions for you to lose money—and you’re also losing time. 


This is all assuming that these tactics will even help you get an offer on the house—and that offer might still be contingent on you taking even more time and money to do extensive repairs or work on the house. You don’t have the time—or the money—for that! Also, according to this website discussing real estate market trends in Oklahoma, if your house has been sitting on the market for over three months, than it’s likely there just isn’t anyone out there who wants to give you a fair price. 


Some people even advise giving up and waiting to re-sell in a year at this point—but, for many people, that simply isn’t an option. If you need your house to move, fast, and the traditional real estate market isn’t giving you the traction you need, it might be time to consider other options.


Enter: House Buyers OKC. Our guarantee? We buy houses. Oklahoma only has to be willing to sell them. Consider a cash house buyer to be your home selling solution, and your house will be off the market in no time. We consider it our specialty and privilege to offer fair prices for homes, because we’re in the business of helping the people who need it the most—not raising our bottom line! 


Our processes are simple precisely because we want to help you avoid as many headaches as is possible. All you have to do to start your home buying solution is call our office and speak with a friendly specialist at (405) 279-9799. Once you do that, we’ll reach out to schedule a meeting with you. We’ll pop over to your home, shake your hand, and just take a few quick pictures of your home for our records. No worries—we’re definitely interested in buying. As we mentioned above, we’ll take any home, in any condition—even if it needs extensive repairs.


After that comes the best part: You get to choose your closing date. No real estate agency in the world can promise that! You choose the date that we’ll take your house off your hands, and we’ll show up with a fair cash offer—that you get to keep in its entirety, as we don’t charge any fees at all. We’re just in the business of making sure that you get the cash you need to invest in your life—no strings attached.