How To Hire The Right Contractor To Renovate Your House in Oklahoma

A good quality contractor can renovate a room, or your whole house, depending on the degree of change you feel you need. But what makes a good contractor? How do you know you may have found the one that will get done what you want for the price you can pay?


If you have decided to renovate your house in Oklahoma, then you should know how to find the right contractor. Hiring the right contractor can protect your investment, your home, and yourself.

What Kind Of Contractor Do I Need?

This will depend greatly on what kind of project you have in mind. Here are some common types of contractors that you may need:

  • General Contractors – These contractors will manage everything having to do with a renovation. They will hire and supervise subcontractors and specialty contractors, even obtaining the proper permits from your city or town, and handling pre- and post-inspections.
  • Specialty Contractor Or Subcontractors – These contractors will usually handle specific aspects of larger projects. Examples of specialty contractors are masons and tiling specialists, electricians, cabinetmakers, and plumbers.
  • Architects – Architects design entire homes, or plan major gut and remodel type renovations. They also handle potential structural changes or additions, like wall removals or adding an extra room.

Ask Around

Once you have decided what type of contractor on contractors you will need for your project, ask around for recommendations. In industries like this, personal recommendations go a lot farther than your average online review. Friends and family who are local to you may have used a contractor that they loved, and give a glowing reference, which can be the best referral possible. 

History And Qualifications

If you have narrowed it down to a few possible options, it is time to look a little deeper. Poke around online and see if you can find out how long they have been operating. It also never hurts to read a few bad reviews, just for due diligence. You can nearly always tell who had a truly bad experience, and who simply had unrealistic expectations, or maybe flew off the handle for some minor issue.


Make sure you ask your potential contractors about being licensed and bonded. Many areas will require contractors to be licensed and/or bonded, in order to protect against liability and negligence issues. This is particularly important when there is the potential for fire, flood, or structural issues during or after the work is performed. Ask what type of insurance they carry, in the event that something goes wrong.

Get It In Writing

Make sure before you begin any project, you have the contractor create a written agreement, which should include the following:

  • The contractor’s personal contact info and license number
  • Estimated time or length of the job
  • Payment info and schedule
  • Responsibility for permits
  • A detailed list of items associated costs
  • Clean up agreement
  • Cancellation clause in case you change your mind

The Alternative

If this all sounds like a bit too much, and you just want to sell your home and buy something that is closer to your ideal home before renovations, remember that we buy houses in any condition in Oklahoma. Contact us today for more information.