How To Sell A House In Oklahoma City With Liens

If you’re currently trying your hand at selling a house with liens in Oklahoma City, you’re likely learning a whole lot more about the legal system than you ever thought you would—and you’re probably getting tired of it! 


The sheer amount of fees and paperwork alone should have your head spinning. Fortunately, if you’re trying to sell a house with liens, there is a way simpler option than any of the ones you’re probably considering—you just have to see it, and you’ll be more excited than you can possibly imagine! 


But first, let’s talk about liens. What is a lien, and why would it make selling a house difficult? 


According to this Oklahoma City liens law website, a lien is something that is placed on a property to make sure that any debt that may be owed is paid. The most likely time that you’re going to be working with liens is if you’re improving an estate while it’s in the process of being constructed. This leaves all kinds of things up in the air and can make many different parties very confused about what is owed to them.


As you can imagine, when there is a lien placed on a house, it would usually make a buyer very leery of the whole process! Traditionally, the seller is supposed to pay off the lien at closing—but as liens can often be very large, including larger than the value or asking price of the house,  home buyers are usually advised to steer away from homes with liens because at the very least it seems like they would just prolong an already unsavory process. 


This means that home sellers who are trying to move a house on it with liens might have a really hard time finding a buyer—which means that they and their home could just languish on the market for months, which isn’t good for the real estate market, the home, or the seller. That’s a lot of time to be paying fees and working to improve your house, as well as having all of that financial stress working against you! 


Fortunately, as we mentioned earlier, there’s a much easier way. If you live in Oklahoma City and you’re trying to move a house that has a lien on it, you could try to sell it on the traditional real estate market—and crash, and burn, and likely end up with even more debt on your hands.


Or you could turn to House Buyers OKC and let us buy the property within days at a fair cash price. You’ll walk away without a care in the world and the capital to do anything you want to do in life, and we’ll take care of all of the messy paperwork and fees. 


It’s really that easy. We at House Buyers OKC are committed to buying houses in any condition, at any time! Call (405) 279-9799 to set up your home selling solution today—you’ll be very glad that you did.