How to Sell a House in Oklahoma That You Inherited

Congratulations! You’re an heir. And, also, our condolences—chances are that someone you love has recently passed away. We know this can be a difficult time for you, and we want you to know that someone is on your side. You’re going to need support during the rough times ahead—and that support will be needed even more if you’ve inherited a house. 

If you’ve inherited a house, Oklahoma has a few due processes that you’ll need to know about, in case you’ve wondered “How do I sell my inherited house in OKC? —and then you’ll need to figure out what you want to do with it! Whether you want to spruce it up and keep it as your own or sell the home to get a great cash nest egg, read on—we’ll help you understand what happens when you inherit a house in Oklahoma. 

When selling a house in probate in OKC, the first thing you’re going to want to do is see if there are any probate issues that you need to work through. According to the Oklahoma County website, probate documents do need to be filed, and there may be fees associated with doing so! You’ll want to check and see that the house is definitely yours and that there are no disputes with your ownership. This might not be a guaranteed thing and could get messy, so if you need to hire a lawyer, you might want to get on that—just in case there are difficult disputes surrounding who gets the house in the wake of a loved one’s death.

Once the house is yours and all paperwork has been filed safely away, you’re going to want to determine your plans for the house. Are you going to want to live in the house? Is the house in good repair? Often, we see people from out of town who flew in for a funeral and found out that they had inherited some real estate—and they have no idea what to do. 

Selling probate houses has gotten quite common these days among homeowners due to the offers being made by home buying companies. You’ll get a great amount of cash that you can invest into your life, and you don’t have to pack up and move! However, the selling process usually carries with it a ton of extra work—definitely not something you necessarily want to be dealing with if you’re from out of town or if you’re walking through a period of grief. If the house needs extensive repairs, the commitment just goes through the roof!

Fortunately, there’s another way. The experts at House Buyers OKC are willing to buy your house, and they’re willing to do it fast. House Buyers OKC is committed to buying any house, in any condition, on a quick timeline—perfect for those who have inherited a house that they don’t need. Our process is insanely simple—call (405) 279-9799 to get in contact with our friendly team of specialists, meet with us at your home, and then pick your own closing date! We’ll show up with a fair cash offer, no questions asked—every time. That’s our good-for-you guarantee!

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