How To Sell A House That Needs Thousands In Repairs In Oklahoma

You are planning on selling a house. You may have inherited it or it’s a house that you may have owned for quite some time and want to get it off your hands. But the problem is that it is in need of repairs. The condition that it’s in is to the point where it might be uninhabitable. Not to mention, the repairs will cost you well into the thousands (more specifically any repairs where the bill may reach up to $10,000 at minimum). Think about it for a moment. A new roof alone will already meet that minimal threshold. A new foundation will be $30,000 at a minimum. Name a major repair that will be needed and there’s a good chance the price will be high. 


While we can give you a laundry list of repairs along with the price tag, the last thing we want you to do is seeing the world spinning around you because of those prices (and believe us, those prices will make anyone dizzy). The good news is you don’t have to spend so much money on these repairs. In fact, here are some strategies that you may want to consider if you still want to sell the house anyway:


Assess The Damage: One thing you need to do first and foremost is be able to look around the house. What sort of damage is present? Make a note of what is in need of repairs. Don’t bother with how much it’s going to cost you in damage. Make a list of what’s damaged because you’re going to need it later (and we’ll give you a reason why here shortly).


Find A Reputable Buyer: If you sell a house in Oklahoma in as-is condition, there is a buyer that will be interested. House Buyers OKC is one buyer that will be able to offer you cash for the house you are selling. We buy any house no matter the condition (especially those in need of repairs that will result in spending thousands of dollars). Remember that list we recommended you make of those repairs? That will factor into the offer we can be able to give you (plus, we’ll get to work to find the right kind of people to fix the house so it will look as good as new). 


Selling a home that you don’t need anymore can be a hassle. If you live in Oklahoma City or in the surrounding area, House Buyers OKC will be the go-to people that you want to get in contact with. We will take a look at your house, give you an offer, and you can close the deal on your terms. No fees, no commissions, no repairs needed. Once you have your cash in hand, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t lose a single cent that would have otherwise went to expensive repairs. 


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