How To Sell A Property With No Credit Checks


If you are trying to sell your property, but don’t want to worry about not passing the credit check, there are ways to go about this. If you are worried that with the change in the economy, you can no longer maintain and/or repair the property, some companies help you go about it, the right way. 

Here is some information on how to sell your property without the stress of a credit check:

Selling Your Property

There are many reasons why someone wants to sell their property. Some of those reasons being that they can no longer maintain the property, they are in desperate need of money, or selling a property to improve credit. In any case, selling your property should not be difficult to do. 

Through House Buyers OKC, there are just a few steps that a homeowner must do to sell their property:

  1. Call House Buyers OKC
  • Call House Buyers OKC at (405) 402-1289. You will tell them how many bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet of the property, repairs (if necessary), and any information they should know before purchasing the property.
  1. Meet at the Home and Take Pictures
    • You will give them a tour of the house and they will take pictures before they can give you the best offer
  2. Get a Cash Offer
    • No fees, no-obligation, no listings, and a cash offer within a minimum of 10 days
  3. Get a Closing Date and Get Paid
    • You pick the date you want to close and get your money – quick and easy

Avoiding Credit Checks 

  • Any Situation

Do you need to pay off a bank loan, going through a foreclosure, or a divorce? Do you owe taxes or have liens on your property? Do you have a fire or water damaged home? It does not matter what situation you are in, selling a house does not have to be something you have to worry about. 

  • Quick and Easy

This way, you earn the cash without waiting for any background credit checks, which takes time. The only steps needed are the ones listed above. Nothing less, nothing more. No waiting around, just a meet and greet, and cash in your hand.

  • Local Home Buyers

One way to avoid credit checks is to not use real estate agents, but local home buyers. You will have one point of contact, and instead of fees, contracts, and listings; they’ll talk everything through with you from the beginning, one on one.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to sell your property in Oklahoma, and want to do so without having to go through a credit check. House Buyers OKC will be buying the property straight from you, so no worries about fees or listings, just straight communication from buyer to seller. You talk to the buyers, you do not have to worry about repairs, and you get to choose the date you want to close on the property. You are completely in control from the beginning. Quick, easy, and worry-free.