How To Sell Your House With Visible Damages


If you’re looking to sell your house that has visible damages from a fire, water damage, or any other reason, then talking with a cash buyer might be the right path for you. Most people think that you have to fix the damage and make improvements before you sell a property, but that is not the case when dealing with local home buyers.

Here is some information to help sell your home without fixing the damage yourself.

Selling Through Cash Buyers

Cash Buyers purchase homes regardless of the situation of the seller or the home itself.

  1. Tell the Cash Buyers About Your Home
  • Give them a call and they will collect information about the dimensions of the property, along with the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.
  1. Meet at the Property
  • They will take pictures of the interior and exterior of the property. They will take pictures of any visible damage and put them in their report before they can officially offer you a cash amount.
  1. Cash
  • Once they have collected all the information necessary, they can get you a cash offer with no obligation.
  1. Time to Get Paid
  • When you are ready to accept the cash offer, you will choose a date to close on, and that is it.

Selling with Damages

If you’re looking to sell your property that currently has visible damages, there are a couple of things you should know before reaching out to anyone. A couple of things that can help the process of selling the property move along is to get an inspection done, and then disclose any damages to whom you are trying to sell the property.


You can have someone come and do an inspection on your property so you can get a complete list of everything that might be considered damage. This could lower the value of the property, and, if you disclose this information, the buyer will know what will need to be fixed.


Disclosing the information about the damage allows the buyer to know what they’ll need to fix after they buy it. However, disclosing this information to cash buyers won’t deter them from buying your property, since buying ‘as-is’ properties is what they are known for.


Selling a property with visible damages can be very costly, depending on the extent of the damage, and if the buyer wants the damage to be repaired beforehand. Not only will it be costly to have the damage fixed, but the fees attached with bank transactions are also costly. With House Buyers OKC, they will buy the property from you with no repairs and no fees before the transfer.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to sell your property that has visible damage and you do not want to repair them yourself or hire someone to make repairs, then all you have to do is sell the property as-is. You can sell your property through cash buyers that offer you cash for your property in its entirety. No repairs. No delay in bank fees. No extra costs.