Selling Your Oklahoma House to House Buyers OKC vs Selling Through an Agent

If you are looking to Sell your Oklahoma house, you have probably already weighed the pros and cons of for sale by owner versus selling through an agent and discovered that either way you slice it, there are a lot of costs that add up and take away from the cash that you should be walking away with. Selling your house through an agent specifically can wind up being quite expensive between all of the fees and the commission paid to them at the end of the process and it makes you wonder if it was worth it at all.

At House Buyers OKC, we eliminate those costs entirely by allowing you to sell your house in one easy go without dealing with all of the costs that come with relying on an agent. When trying to sell your house with an agent, there are many things that they are going to have you do with the goal of getting your house sold faster and that means that you are going to be the one footing the bill for it. 

Whether it be inspection fees, getting repairs done, staging costs, or most importantly the cost of time, you are going to be paying a hefty sum to someone else. Add to the that the fact that when you are selling a house through an agent you are at the mercy of their timeline and when weighed against the fact that they are presumably trying to sell many houses at any given time, it means that you are usually far from their priority and it does not inspire confidence that the process will be a quick one.

Commissions often come out to the tune of 6% of the sales cost which is a lot of money that you will never see again and it of course comes at the end of a long process of constantly spending money just to generate interest in your house and get it in the kind of shape that your agent tells you that buyers are looking for. That is not the case with House Buyers OKC.

We eliminate such problems because we are not agents, we are simply looking to buy your house in cash no matter what the condition is without you having to go through the process of repairs, fees and commissions. When you call (405) 279-9799, all that we ask is for general information in regard to the condition and size of the house and from there we can schedule an appointment to come out to the house and take pictures.

From there, we can make a cash offer on the house no matter what shape it is in cutting out the middleman and completely reducing the cost of moving out. There are no fees attached, a commission is not even a factor. Whether your house needs repairs done that will be costly and keep you from selling or you just don’t want to give away money from the sale of your house to someone else, call (405) 279-9799 and see about getting cash for it instead.