Ways to Sell Your Home Fast with House Buyers OKC


Are you in a hurry to sell your home, and don’t want to wait around for a realtor to find someone else to buy your home? Are you worried that you might be in a bad financial situation and that you won’t be able to sell your home as fast? Do you need to pay back a loan within the next couple of weeks?

Here are a few ways to sell your home quickly, and without all the hassle:

Avoid the Credit Checks

Credit checks take time, and can sometimes delay an offer of your property. House Buyers OKC doesn’t check your credit, and will instead offer you cash within two weeks. It does not matter what situation you are in; they will take your home off your hands.

Situations in Oklahoma When You Can Still Sell Your Home

  • Facing foreclosure
  • Visible water or fire damage
  • You have liens or you owe taxes
  • Bad tenants with a rental property
  • Behind on your mortgage
  • Own a vacant home or a home with thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs

Don’t Worry About Damages

Sometimes properties have water damage or fire damage, and that takes time to get someone in to fix. It also costs thousands of dollars to make repairs and/or improvements. With businesses like House Buyers OKC, they will buy your property without any repairs necessary. They will buy properties as-is and won’t charge you for any repairs. 

Here are a few things you can do to speed up the buying process:

  • You can get an inspection to get a list of all the damage to disclose to the buyer.
  • Disclose the information to the buyers, so they can get a photo of all the damage when they come to check out the property.
  • You can calculate the amount that the house could be worth, so you know what to expect when the buyers come to check it out. Check online, check what the original price was, etc.

No Bank Transfers or Fees

Not only will House Buyers OKC not charge you for any repairs, but you also save time and money by not waiting on fees or bank transfers. The process of paying fees and bank transfers can take months, while getting a cash offer can take as little as ten days. The cash buyers won’t charge closing fees, and handle all of the paperwork and transactions with the title company.

Local Buyers

Another way to sell your home fast is to use local buyers. That way, the person you are dealing with is nearby and there is no hassle of waiting on some across city lines, or emails from out-of-state buyers.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t have months to wait for your payday, then a cash buyer is the fastest and easiest way to get money for your property. The cash buyers won’t check your credit, they will take your property with the damage as-is (no need to make repairs or improvement), and they won’t charge you fees for the transfer of funds or their commissions. They are strictly paying for the property in its entirety.