How House Buyers OKC Can Buy Your House While in Probate in Oklahoma: We Buy Houses in Probate in Oklahoma

Probate is where a property is reassigned to beneficiaries after someone dies. They pass and leave their loved ones their property. There are times when the Last Will or the Testate gets left behind by someone and in some cases it isn’t. 

Whatever the situation is, the property gets reassigned to heirs with the help of courts and this can be an extensive process. 

As a house buying company in Oklahoma, [Company] advises sellers to follow a few steps when it comes to selling their home. Some people wonder if a home can be sold while in probate and the answer is yes. Here are some steps to follow.



With the help of an appraiser, get the property appraised. There are several to choose from so find one that’s going to meet your needs and your budget. You can even ask a real estate agent for their recommendations. 

[Company] will buy your property as long as there has been an appraisal done to the property even if it’s in probate. 


Obtain the Petition


When it comes time to sell your property while in the probate period, make sure you get probation from the courts. Simply fill out the petition form and give all the details related to your sale of the home in Oklahoma. 

With the help of the appraisal, fill out any additional forms and simply wait for the court. 

House buying companies such as [Company] will only be interested in buying the home that’s already completed this process of getting the petition. They will look into the fact that you have gone through this process. 


Place Property for Sale


Next you can list your property for sale or call [Company] to purchase the home. Make sure you inform them about the fact that the property can only be sold after the court confirms it’s on probate. These types of companies will only buy the home from you after seeking petition. 

Why Sell a Property in Probate?


When someone dies and there are still expenses owed on the home such as mortgages, the estate itself might not have enough income to continue with these payments. The heir may be forced to sell the home to avoid it being foreclosed on. If the court isn’t requiring the home to be sold, you’ll need to wait until the probate period is complete before selling. However, you can make plans ahead of time by speaking to [Company] and give them the basics of the property you wish to sell to them. They can give you an offer that way you know what to expect when they are able to buy your home.

When selling your loved one’s property in Oklahoma, make sure everyone involved is on board. [Company] will buy your home but it’s important to make sure that everyone is on the same page. While the executor has the final say, it’s best to get everyone in agreement.