What To Do If You’re Facing Foreclosure in Oklahoma

If you are having struggles making your mortgage payments in the state of Oklahoma, you might find yourself becoming a lot more acquainted with the legal process than you might want to be! Most people are keen to avoid foreclosure. Oklahoma laws regarding foreclosure are pretty stringent: If you start missing your mortgage payment, your lender is allowed—and, in some cases, encouraged—to take action. 


Fortunately, you do have some time; according to this website, you have 120 days (or about four months) after becoming delinquent on your mortgage before foreclosure laws begin to set in. However, even that is scary! The average time to sell a house or to get a new job or other similar things which could help alter your financial situation in your favor is about six months—more than that four month waiting period. 


So, if you’re facing foreclosure, you’re probably wondering what is going to happen. Most foreclosure lawyers would tell you that you need to get out of debt, get a job or a better job, stop spending money on things that you don’t need and divert all of your resources into your home, and all kinds of other unpleasant things which honestly don’t have a great chance of working out.


And that’s if you’ve decided you want to keep the home—if you’re thinking about getting rid of it, then your options unfortunately don’t get much easier! Even if you’re hemorrhaging cash, you still need to figure out how to pay a real estate agent and go through all of the steps associated with selling a house, which might include expensive repairs for your house. And all of that, with no guarantee that you’ll even be able to sell it before foreclosure sets in! 


That’s where we come in. At House Buyers OKC, we’re committed to buying any house, in any condition—and we’re committed to doing it fast. This is because we care more about you than we care about our bottom line—which isn’t something that most real estate agents can say. 


We can say that simply because we’re not a real estate agency! We’re a home buying solution which only wants to help you through your rough time—no strings attached. Because we’re not a real estate agency, we don’t have to charge you any of the usually tendered fees associated with real estate transactions; in fact, we don’t charge a dime with our services. It’s truly simple, and truly easy.


All you have to do to set up your quick home selling solution is give our friendly team a call at (405) 279-9799; we’ll then set up a quick meeting with you just so we can help walk you through the process and take a quick look at your home. But don’t worry about its condition! We’ll buy it no matter what. After that, you choose your closing date, and we’ll show up with a fair cash offer. Simplicity at its finest, especially if you’re facing foreclosure in Oklahoma.

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