Why Won’t My House Sell in Oklahoma?

You’ve listed your home, but now it won’t sell. Unfortunately, this is a common problem. The issue is even more common in less populated regions. This may be your problem if you find yourself wondering, why won’t anyone buy my house. Oklahoma is one of these less populated regions that leave homeowners desperate to sell their homes. Check out this list of relevant reasons your home will not sell.


1.The Listing Price Is Too High


One of the most important steps in selling your home is receiving an appraisal. An appraisal provides homeowners with an accurate picture of how much their home is worth. 


The only issue is that appraisals do not consider the market. If a home is appraised for $200,000, but the home is listed in a buyer’s market. The home may only sell for $180,000. However, if that same home was listed in a seller’s market, the house could sell for $220,000.


2.The Home Lacks Curb Appeal


Another key factor in selling your home is the curb appeal of the house. It is hard to sell a house that needs work. If your home features weeds throughout the front yard and a cracked driveway, buyers will assume that the inside needs work as well.


Lucky for you, curb appeal is an inexpensive fix. Provided that the windows are not broken, you can improve the curb appeal of your home very easily. Taking the time to create a beautiful garden can do wonders for your home. Take care of the yard and your house will sell more quickly.


3.The Listing Photos Are Bad


The listing photos are the first thing buyers see. If the buyer likes the photos, they will ask to view your home. The key to increasing your home’s showings is providing buyers with good listing photos.


These photos should showcase your home in a positive light. Buyers should be able to picture the overall look of your home from the photos. The pictures should preferably be taken by a professional to ensure quality and clarity.


4.The Home Is Unique


Owning a unique home is a wonderful thing. You’ve taken the time to update your home and include your unique style. This is a good thing and will likely increase the value of your home. Unique styles require a unique buyer. It may take additional time to find the perfect fit.


Some homes offer a unique structure. This is also a good thing. Your home offers something unique. It stands out against the other homes in the area. However, the buyer will need to fall in love with the home. It may take a unique buyer to purchase a home with a unique structure. This takes time.


5.The Location Is Not Ideal


Unfortunately, the home’s location is not something that can be changed. As the realtor’s say, it’s all about Location, Location, Location. If the area is becoming run down, it will be very difficult to sell your home.


This also applies to less populated areas. These areas often have little to offer in terms of work. This means that fewer people are moving to the region. This translates to fewer prospective buyers. All of these factors contribute to a very long listing.


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